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22 Ways to Serve Frighteningly Festive Halloween Cocktails

Take your hostess skills to frightening levels with these clever serving tricks. Your guests will shudder when you hand them drinks with eyeballs or spiders in them, but what's Halloween without a little trick with their treat?

Black Ice

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Go for a sophisticated approach with black ice. Camille over at Camille Styles takes you through how she created a black licorice cocktail (wicked!), but you can use this idea for any drink by adding black food coloring to your ice cube tray before freezing.

Photo: Camille Styles

Potion Vile

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Another innovative serving idea, Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage decided to use small viles to serve her drinks and we can't get enough of it. All you'll need is a delicious beverage (preferably red or black), a vile, ribbon, and labels.

Photo: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Add Red

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Nothing says Halloween quite like fake blood. From costumes to decor, it's a staple. And now, with red food coloring and corn syrup you can also add it to your drinks like Maureen from The Kitchn did for this spook version of a Manhattan.

Photo: The Kitchn

Shrunken Heads

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Say what you will about the woman, but you can always find innovative ideas on her blog. This time it's turning granny smith apples into shrunken heads by using a knife, giving them a lemon soak and baking in the oven. Head over to the Matha Stewart blog for the full tutorial and cider recipe.

Photo: Matha Stewart

Skeleton Goblet Holders

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Swap out your signature cocktail glasses for some spookier options. We love this idea of skeletons that Tara from Noshing with the Nolands used for her "Embalming Fluid", but you can go other routes like monster hands or witch brooms.

Photo: Noshing with the Nolands

Instant Fog

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Let me introduce you to one of the oldest tricks in our spell book: dry ice. Once added to any beverage it immediately begins to fog. We like the idea of setting it in another bowl so it floats around like they did over on My Recipes, but you can also add it directly to a cocktail. WARNING: Handle dry ice with gloves and glasses when chipping, it can cause severe burns if it makes contact with skin.

Photo: My Recipes


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Tod, the blogger behind Honestly Yum, came up with an honestly brilliant idea. Instead of focusing on witches or blood, serve your drinks in beakers. You can just use the beverage idea or go all out by turning your party space into an evil laboratory. Bonus points for a Dr. Frankenstein costume to match.

Photo: Honestly Yum

Add Teeth

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For an easy way to spruce up a cocktail, add some fake teeth like the folks at Cooking with Sugar. You can choose the standard white or go for a more sinister feel with black. Bonus: guests also get a fun party favor.

Photo: Cooking with Sugar

Make it Glow

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Here's a secret if you haven't heard, tonic water glows in the dark. Simply add it to your beverage, turn out the lights, and let the spooky evening begin! We recommend mixing with lemonade like McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam does, and of course maybe a little vodka too ;)

Photo: Girl Loves Glam


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Zombies unite! This idea from the Ministry of Alcohol uses a variety of ingredients, but to get the realistic brain appearance you'll need lime juice and Irish cream, which curdle when the acidic juice and creamy blend come in contact.

Photo: Ministry of Alcohol

Cauldron Punch Bowl

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Trade in your traditional punch bowl for a more festive idea, a cauldron! We love this idea from Top Inspired which plays on a creepy "Witch's Potion" theme.

Photo: Top Inspired

Creepy Crawlers

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Sure it says "kids" but there's nothing childish about adding gummy worms to a delicious cocktail. It's even cooler when you add that dry ice trick like those at the Kids Activity Blog.

Photo: Kids Activity Blog


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Puns, puns, puns, oh how we love puns! And this idea from Cosmopolitan may be one of the best Halloween puns out there. Give your guests some shots, in shots! C'mon, you know you love it. 😉

Photo: Cosmopolitan


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An easy way to upgrade any beverage: add lables. We can't get over this crafy idea from Natural Beach Living. We love "Witch's Brew", but you could also do "Vampire Food", "Goblin Slime", "Spider Venom", or come up with your own idea. All you need is a printer and some blank stick-on labels.

Photo: Natural Beach Living

Slime It

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Cornstarch and food coloring are all you need to recreate this slimy idea from HGTV. We're obsessing over it, and we bet your guests will be too.

Photo: HGTV

Ice Hand

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We adore this handy idea from blog2shopper. Simply fill a rubber glove with water, freeze it and cut it open when you're ready to serve.

Photo: blog2shopper


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Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips decided to use fake spiders and placed them in her ice cube trays for instant spider ice. Yes, it's a little evil, and yes, your guests may scream when they find a spider in their drink, but hey it's Halloween so we say it's allowed. Just this once.

Photo: Pretty Pink Tulips

Petri Dish

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Going back to that mad scientist theme, Ashley, the blogger from Sugar and Cloth used petri dishes to create this jello shot. But you don't have to stick with that idea, you can serve any drink in a petri dish. Because who doesn't love drinking some bacteria, right?

Photo: Sugar and Cloth

Add Eyes

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Whether you make them yourself like the folks at The Food Network, or just grab some fake ones from a Halloween store, your guests will shiver when these fake eyeballs touch their lips.

Photo: The Food Network

Pumpkin Bowl

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If you love pumpkins but feel the standard candle display is too cliche, use it as a punch bowl instead. I Food.TV just hollowed theirs out, but you can also insert a clear plastic bowl into your pumpkin to keep any unwanted flavors out. Bonus: you can design your pumpkin any way you want to match your theme.

Photo: I Food.TV

Worm Shots

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Mmmm worms. NOT! But if you're going for the creepy element you can't go wrong with this slimy shot. Debbie over at One Little Project used jello, but you can easily add some vodka for an adult spin. Simply pour the mix into straws and refrigerate.

Photo: One Little Project

Skull Glasses

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When it comes to serving, you can go all out with one of these previous ideas, or stick to a simpler approach like they did over at Boulder Locavore with this skull stickers. Either way you've got one frightful cocktail.

Photo: Boulder Locavore

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