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Building a Better Burger: The Must-Have Accessories

Start stocking up on charcoal and cold beer—cookout season is approaching. Once the weather turns warm, the scent of sizzling burgers and sausages will be wafting up from every backyard and park. The humble hamburger doesn't "need" any fancy accoutrements, of course, but these grill gadgets ensure a perfect patty as well a magnificent meal.

Adjustable Nonstick Burger Press

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This press, which can be adjusted to create patties of different weights and thicknesses, makes it easy to create uniform burgers, which cook more evenly and store more easily.

Bamboo Meat Markers

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When serving a tray full of burgers for family or guests to dig in to, differentiate between different levels of doneness. Five of each design—rare, medium rare, medium well, and well.

Burger Bar: Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers

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Think beyond raw onions and American cheese—celebrity chef Hubert Keller, owner of Las Vegas’s Burger Bar restaurant, shows home grillmasters how to create 50 easy and impressive burgers, along with sauces, sides, and condiments. Keller’s techniques promise a perfect burger every time.

Grill Charms

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These dime-size markers are inserted before cooking to identify whose burger is whose. They’re especially useful for marking burgers that conform to certain dietary needs, such as those with no added salt or those with especially spicy seasoning.

Slider Mini-Burger Set

5 / 10


Mini-burgers are a hit at any party. This set of tools includes a meat mold and bun cutter along with a grilling basket to safely and evenly cook nine sliders at once.

Hickory Wood Chunks

6 / 10


Add these fragrant wood chunks to your charcoal grill to impart a traditional smoky flavor to burgers or any other grilled meat.

Hamburger Patty Paper

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Making patties in advance helps cut down on last-minute preparation. Use these sheets of nonstick paper to keep them separated and fresh.

Stuffed Hamburger Press

8 / 10


Advanced burgermeisters love making burgers stuffed with cheese, peppers, or other vegetables. This mold makes it fun and easy to create burgers with a hidden surprise.

Digital Thermometer Fork

9 / 10


Serve up each and every burger at the exact right temperature. This easy-to-use digital thermometer provides an instant readout so you know when each one is done.

Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

10 / 10


Flip, grip, and turn burgers with confidence with this set of stainless steel tools. The 21-piece set includes a spatula, tongs, basting brush, knife, and a fork for cooking, along with a heavy-duty brush to keep the grill char-free and clean.

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