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Fun, Healthy Snacks for Kids

Got picky eaters? Try these unique, crafty ways to get your kids to eat right. They'll love playing with their food so much, they won't even notice they're eating vegetables.

While it is easy enough to dump fruit and veggies on kids' plates, the likelihood of them touching the healthy fare is slim. Flip that stereotype on its head when you craft food in a way that makes it fun to eat fit. AllFreeKidsCrafts has gathered the ten most creative ways to play with your food in Good, Healthy Snacks for Kids: Fun With Food Crafts for Children. Transform a boring pear into a dragon that must be eaten before it breathes fire, wrecking all of your toys, and prevent the ghoulish strawberries from haunting your home by quickly consuming these spooky snacks.

All it takes is one fun meal of heartfelt beets and time-ticking beans to realize that healthy doesn’t mean yucky. Introduce tiny taste buds to the sweetness of peaches as you lick a delicious popsicle that you froze and shaped yourself. Cucumbers and tomatoes will be gobbled up so that the angry bird can hit the pig before they reach your belly. Have fun with food crafts, and you’ll find that you will start to eat more and more good, healthy snacks and enjoying them.

You’ll be thrilled when the kids start requesting watermelon, grapes, and hard-boiled eggs all because you made that wacky watermelon shark one time or colored the egg so he could angrily fly. When kids can play with their food, healthy eating turns into fun with fruit. Encourage your adorable eaters to play with their food by having fun with food crafts for children, and therefore making good, healthy snacks for kids fun to eat.

Fruity Fun Snack Food For Kids

You're already as sweet as can be, but to keep your body healthy, load up on the natural sweetness of fruit. Just eating an apple can be lame, though, so instead, have fun with food crafts by turning your watermelon into a shark attack or your strawberries and banana into a festive fruity treat. You'll be begging for more fruit when you see that good, healthy snacks for kids are totally fun and yummy.


Crafty, Healthy Meals For Kids

Beans, beans they're good for your heart..., so eat up! They taste a lot more delicious when they're helping you tell time, and your heart will be beating for beets when they're served with love. Design your food in a fun way, and eating it will be so much more rewarding. Your angry birds won't be able to stay mad when they see how much you're enjoying your veggies. Have fun with food crafts for children, eat up your good, healthy snacks, and you're sure to be as strong as Popeye before you know it.



What's your favorite way to sneak healthy snacks onto your kids' plates?


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