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Put A Spell On Guests With These ‘Hocus Pocus’ Halloween Party Ideas

Come little children, because Halloween is almost here! We’ve curated a list of all the things you’ll need to throw the perfect Hocus Pocus-themed party—black flame candle and all.

And Now You’re... Wine

Hocus Pocus Wine Glass

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Throw the ultimate Hocus Pocus Halloween party as you and your guests sip from these super cute wine glasses that will have you singing and dancing as if you were in Salem. The glasses are made to order and will give your party cocktails the witchy edge that will leave your guests wanting more. Checkout the rest of TheBurlapWineSack shop on Etsy for other Hocus Pocus-inspired drinkware.

To buy: I Put A Spell On You Wine Glass, Etsy, $14.95

Photo: TheBurlapWineSack | Etsy

DIY Floating Witch Hats

DIY Floating Witch Hats

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The ultimate Halloween outdoor decor, these adorably spooky floating witch hats by Polka Dot Chair are the perfect addition to your porch. Only requiring six elements to make, this witchy decoration will give your home a whimsical feel while channeling our three favorite sistahs: Winnie, Mary, and Sarah.

Photo: Polka Dot Chair

The Sanderson Sisters’ Brew

Witches Brew Cupcakes

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For a sweet treat that is just as terrifying as it is tasty, these Witches Brew Cupcakes by House of Yumm are made to resemble a bubbling pot of green bubbly witch’s brew, and we are so obsessed. Grab your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe and pile on the extremely light and fluffy frosting before adding on different sized sprinkles and gumballs to create the wicked looking bubbles!

Photo: House of Yumm

A Virgin Lit The Candle

Black Flame Candle

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Perhaps one of the most fate-altering candles of Max, Dani, & Allison’s lives—the infamous Black Flame Candle will be the highlight of your party. Legend says that it will raise the spirits of the dead when lit by a virgin on Halloween night, however we can’t guarantee that it will bring the Sanderson Sisters back from the dead, but rather, it will ignite the warm smells of white carnation, sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, and a kiss of patchouli upon your party guests. It may be made from the fat of a hanged man, but we’ll refrain from sharing that part with our party-goers.

To buy: Black Flame Candle, Etsy, $9

Photo: EnchatmentsByJackie | Etsy

I’ll Take Thee Away…

Come Little Children Sign

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Add some more Hocus Pocus-inspired decor to your porch or fireplace mantle with this handmade walnut sign, proclaiming the song title made famous by the 1993 film. Just as Sarah Sanderson flew over the town of Salem luring the children to their subsequent death, you will attract your party guests just the same… but to an endless array of delicious food and cocktails, of course.

To buy: Come Little Children Sign, Etsy, $16

Photo: CountryChicBoutiques | Etsy

Wicked Wafers

Witches Hat Cookies

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These witches hat cookies by Adventures in the Anderl House are almost too cute to eat! Almost. Only requiring three components, you’ll use a fudge-striped cookie as your base, topping with a touch of frosting and a Hershey’s kiss. Simple, delicious, and soon to be a party favorite among your guests—these cookies would definitely be amok amok amok!

Photo: Adeventures In The Anderl House

Treat Table (No Tricks Necessary)

Witches Cauldrons

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For an incredibly easy way to witch up your tablescape, head down to your nearest Halloween store and pick up different sized witches cauldrons for the ideal serving bowls to hold all your frightful finger foods. Getting different sized bowls will offer more variety to accommodate your different types of snacks, while your table will be completely enchanted by the perfect Halloween vibes of a Hocus Pocus-themed get together.

Photo: Catch My Party

Boots & Broomsticks

Witches Hooks

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For another witchy decor idea, build your own broomstick station by hanging hats and cloaks off of wall hooks. Add on some straw witches brooms (bonus points if they’re sparkly), and you’re all set! It will look just like the Sanderson Sisters stopped by to hang up their hats, but for an added touch of Hocus Pocus flair be sure to roll out your vacuum cleaner to channel the broomstick flying of the future.

Photo: Pinterest

Bizarre Bottles & Beakers

Apothecary Bottle Labels

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Dress up your glassware with these Apothecary Bottle Labels from World Label for a fun way to incorporate the Halloween theme to your everyday kitchen essentials. Easy and free to download and print, these labels will be a small touch that will go a long way with your party guests. Cover your wine bottles, cookie jar, and even the bathroom soap to have your guests questioning whether it’s a deliciously spooky snack or just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Photo: World Label

Pocus Potion

Halloween Cocktail

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Every Halloween soiree needs a classic cocktail to quench your guests’ unearthly tastebuds, and this Black Magic cocktail by Elle Talk will definitely not disappoint. The shimmery look is enough to turn heads upon first glance, but the tart taste will be intoxicating—literally. A play on a cherry martini, the cocktail gets its sparkling effect with the secret swirling ingredient: pearl dust. Bubble, bubble, we’re in trouble with this delicious cocktail at our fingertips!

Photo: Elle Talk

Calling All Sistahs

Halloween Party Invitations

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Gone are the days of mass text messages and Facebook event invites because we found the perfect invitation for a Hocus Pocus Halloween party. These Hocus Pocus invitations are handmade and sent to your computer minutes upon ordering, making it an easy send to your guests, either digitally or by mail. Put a spell on your guests, giving them just a peek at what’s to come as your petrifying party nears closer.

To buy: Hocus Pocus Party Invitations, Etsy, $14

Photo: SweetAsCanBeDesign | Etsy


Hocus Pocus Spellbook Cookies

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These Hocus Pocus Spellbook Cookies by Rosanna Pansino are to dieeee for, especially if Winnie Sanderson has her way. Prepare to stun your guests with these oh-so-accurate treats, that channel the infamous spellbook that turned Binx into a cat and and was the apple of Winnie’s eye. Disguised by a delicious flavor, these dreadful little snacks will surely be a hit!

Photo: Rosanna Pansino

Spell-Worthy Sticker

Halloween Decal

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This decorative decal stating the classic song heard all across Salem, I Put A Spell On You—the trademark phrase will be instantly recognized by your party guests. Place it above your fireplace mantle, along your stairwell, or on any wall in your house to let your guests know that they have officially entered a spine-chilling home where the Sanderson Sisters could show up at any moment.

To buy: I Put A Spell On You Decal, Etsy, $7-$18

Photo: Stickythingz | Etsy

Rugs & Remarks

Hocus Pocus Halloween Rug

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Catch your guests’ attention right as they enter your home with this Hocus Pocus-inspired doormat. Handmade to perfection, this coir and vinyl rug has character and sass. Whether you’re throwing a high-energy rager or a sophisticated soiree, a little fun goes a long way. The nod to the Black Flame Candle shouldn’t be taken lightly, so be sure to keep the virgins in the room at a safe distance.

To buy: It’s Lit Hocus Pocus Rug, Etsy, $40

Photo: ShopJosieB | Etsy

Dead Man’s Toe

Halloween Appetizers

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These unnerving little snacks by The Small Things may seem morbid, but man are they tasty! Channel the mystery ingredient in Winnie’s infamous potion by wrapping mini sausages with bacon, topped with brown sugar to caramelize the little smokeys to perfection. The idea may be repulsive, but it's what the Sanderson Sisters would approve of.

Photo: The Small Things

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