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These Olympic-Theme Homemade Doughnuts Are Almost Too Cute to Eat

Dzung Duong over at the Honeysuckle YouTube channel uploaded a tutorial on how to make Olympic-theme doughnuts, just in time for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio. And they're not just any doughnuts—they're ~mirror glazed~!

What better way to eat dessert than Olympic style? Luckily, one of our fave YouTube accounts, Honeysuckle, taught us the yummiest way to celebrate the Olympics: with homemade doughnuts. I mean, just look how cute!

To begin, Dzung takes us through the steps to bake the donuts. First, she mixes the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt.

Dry Ingredients

In a separate bowl, she mixes the wet ingredients: buttermilk, oil, egg, and vanilla.

Wet Ingredients

Then, she combines the two and spoons the mixture into a piping bag. If you don't have any piping bags handy, try using a Ziplock baggie and cut off a small triangle of the corner. Voila! You've made your very own disposable piping bag. Pipe the batter into a doughnut pan, filling each cavity about 3/4 of the way full.

Donut Pan

While the doughnuts are baking, whip up some buttercream frosting. Since this frosting is nice and thick, it serves as the perfect base under the mirror glaze. To make it, combine butter, milk, powdered sugar, salt, and vanilla extract. Keep mixing until it's nice and fluffy. Frost the finished doughnuts, then store them in the fridge so the buttercream can firm up.

Buttercream Donuts

Now, for the colored mirror glaze! Follow the directions to make glaze colors for four of the five rings. Did you know the colors represent the continents? There's blue for Europe, red for the Americas, yellow for Asia, green for Oceana/Australia, and black for Africa.

Colored Glaze

Once the glaze has cooled for a few minutes, use a spoon to drizzle it over the frosted doughnuts. It can be messy so it's best to do this step over a mesh rack nested inside a baking sheet.

Pouring Glaze

And there you have it! The perfect way to celebrate the upcoming Olympics—because what better way to bring the world together than doughnuts?

Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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