Foot and Leg Massage for Your Newborn

by Barefoot & Pregnant

Foot and Leg Massage for Your Newborn

If you’ve been following my advice, you’ve scrubbed, soothed, massaged, and generally relaxed yourself through every single day of your pregnancy. Now you want to nurture your baby. Technically speaking, this is not a massage for you. But as caressing your new baby’s perfect little body is likely to release all those feel-good endorphins in your brain, I think it counts as a pampering experience.


Start by making sure your baby is a willing participant. Hold his hips and gently sweep down his legs until you reach his feet. As you do so, ask him if he’s ready for a massage. If he starts to cry or fuss, you can probably take that as a no, but if he remains calm and seems content, than you have permission to proceed.


With a little organic vegetable oil in your hand, and a naked baby in front of you, work your way through these five steps, first on one side of his body and then the other.


1. Hold your baby’s ankle with one hand. Form a C-shape with the other and swoop down her leg from ankle to hip. Do several passes, switching hands as you do.


2. Place both hands around the top of his thigh. Squeeze and then release. Repeat just above his knee and at his ankle.


3. Holding her foot in both hands, walk your thumbs up the sole from heel to toes. Squeeze each toe and give each a little back and forth twist.


4. With your thumbs over the top of his foot, massage from the base of the toes towards the ankle to cover the entire top of the foot.


5. Roll her leg between your hands from the thigh to the ankle. Then hold her leg just behind the knee and gently bounce it.


By Stacy Denney