Forget Him Not

by admin

Forget Him Not

I haven’t forgotten, Dad, about our long silent trips to school on the dusty road to Masaiti.

I haven’t forgotten about how the car would break down and you would recruit the locals to help change the tire. I would be embarrassed, but it would also make me giggle because it was typical.

I haven’t forgotten the dreaded parent-teacher meetings (a.k.a. open days) when you’d reprimand me on my often struggling grades.

I haven’t forgotten, Dad, about how you made me aware of charity as a devout member of the Rotary Club. I haven’t forgotten the orphanages and sponsorship walks you dragged me to, but now whose memories I cherish and wish I could have back.

I haven’t forgotten about your confidence, assertiveness and strong work ethic that I think I inherited. As well as your sense of humour.

I haven’t forgotten our trips to the village, the falls, and the game parks.

I haven’t forgotten that black and white two-tiered suspender polka dot red button dress that you bought me from Texas. How I loved that dress.

I haven’t forgotten how your belly feels when I hug it because I’m still too short to reach your chest.

And though I’m older now, I wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten about those wonderful memories you
gave me, Dad.

Oh! And I haven’t forgotten that money doesn’t grow on trees.

And though you haven’t said it out loud much, I know you do, and I do too.

I love you, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.