Four Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Four Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Although exercise is good for you, there are certain exercises that you should not be doing now that you’re pregnant.

I, for example, had to give up playing squash, which I loved! Why? Because it involved doing too much start-stop, jerky movement!

I also had to give up my favorite body ball exercise, the hamstring curl. Why? Because my head was below my heart and it felt very uncomfortable and made me dizzy!

Does that mean you shouldn’t exercise?

No way! Exercise is key for an easy pregnancy and delivery.

One of my friends, who just delivered her baby girl (eight pounds, nine ounces), told me she did it without a rip, tear, or stitch.

So how did she do it? Well, she’s convinced that it’s because she exercised right up until five days after her due date!

Coincidentally—I also exercised throughout my pregnancy and did not get one rip, tear, or stitch either! Starting to sound convincing?

Here’s a list of four basic exercises to avoid:

1. Avoid deep knee bends (and be careful with squats!). Because the body loosens up so much during pregnancy, I wouldn’t recommend any bending past ninety degrees while holding heavy weights!

My personal favorite are ball squats, but only do them if you feel okay (stop if you feel any discomfort in your knees!).

2. Avoid lifting over your head (i.e. standard military press). Because a lot of women hold their breath when they lift overhead (possibly causing them to feel dizzy and pass out), I’m always cautious of this exercise.

Also, because of the increased lordotic (lower back) curve associated with pregnancy, overhead exercises can place even more stress to the lower lumbar area, causing lower back strain. If you’re committed to lifting overhead, an inclined position may feel better and take the pressure off your lower back.

3. Avoid any “weight-bearing” exercises that require you to bend from your waist and compress your abdominals (i.e. deadlifts). This can cause dizziness and puts pressure on your lumbar spine.

4. Avoid extreme stretching or bouncy movements. Your flexibility has increased greatly, which can and does lead to overstretching (painful!) if you’re not careful.

Although I highly recommend Yoga, overstretching is something I’d watch out for! Listen to your body, not what the teacher says, or someone else in the class is doing.

But don’t let rules hold you back!

It’s important to be cautious but don’t let all these “rules” keep you from exercising. Exercise will help you both during your pregnancy and beyond (including post-baby weight loss!).

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