Fractured Fairy Tales

by Bella Bucchiotti

Fractured Fairy Tales

As I look for ways to promote our modern day fairy tale, Princess Bubble, I continued to see the term “Fractured Fairy Tale.” I thought, “What exactly is a fractured fairy tale?” I found this definition online:


“Fractured fairy tales are traditional fairy tales, rearranged to create new plots with fundamentally different meanings or messages. Fractured fairy tales are closely related to fairy-tale parodies, but the two serve different purposes: parodies mock individual tales and the genre as a whole; fractured fairy tales, with a reforming intent, seek to impart updated social and moral messages.”


I guess Princess Bubble is a fractured fairy tale. Bubble finds true happiness comes from loving God, helping others and liking who you are already. This princess mocks the old tales by re-reading the old tales to look for hints on where to find a prince. She could not relate to any of the old tales because she was not a victim. She was not trapped in a dungeon, she did not have a wicked stepmother or wicked stepsisters, and she did not even know any dwarfs!


Princess Bubble is also seeking to impart an updated social and moral message. Our girls do not need to hear that if they find a prince they will live happily ever after! Not only is this a lie; but it puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on our boys. No human can be everything to us. We must be happy first and then share our happiness with a spouse, friend, family …


The irony of this title “Fractured Fairy Tale” is that our new message is one of wholeness and confidence. The old messages are fractured in my opinion!


Happily Ever After!