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“Your child has been accepted at our school.” We have been waiting for an answer for a month and a half, hopeful that our first choice would be where we get a place. I thought I was cool with it because I could not wait to have some ME time. But when the answer came, it shook me awake … what ME time? I don’t need it! Who will be taking care of my little angel, how will they know what to do and when to do it? What’s going to happen when I leave her at school? Is she going to happily wave me goodbye or will she be crying for me?

Is it really her that I am worried about, or is it me with all that ME time? Wait a minute … no, this is not about me!

Seriously, is she ready for school, or am I pushing her out of the nest too soon? Blah, blah, blah … all mothers do worry about their kids. Yes, I know because this is my second one. But now the difference is that this one is going in a little too early for my liking! I also know that she has got to get in there start her own trip in the world. I just hope I have prepared her well I mean she is only one and half years old. Will she remember all the home teachings (what home teachings, I think, hahaha). I just want her to be fine.

This is it, little one. Yes, just like your sister, you both will be forever young to us.