Friend or Mother

by admin

Friend or Mother

My daughter is fifteen. My mother had the army to go to when I was in my single digits. I would wait at our big window in the front room for her to show up for our weekends together. Although I waited with anticipation to go with her she had the same anticipation for Sunday afternoon drop off for me and my older brother. My mother don’t have patience for kids to this day when we go over she panics when my eight year old daughter wants to use her bathroom. She is so freaked out when we visit I think we all need valium, none of us actually use it but boy do I wish I had it for her and I on holidays and days we visit.

She sure is nothing like her mother. Gramma always said ohh let them scoot down the stairs on their butts it’s not going to hurt them. Or when me and my brother would climb the tree on top to the garage gramma would try to explain we wasn’t looking for trouble we were just being KIDS.Then there’s my dad, he was abusive and an alcoholic until the day he shot himself in the head and killed himself. Not only was he weird about it but just plain cruel. In the end though I gave him time with myself and loved him dearly when he took his life. So that kind of sums up my younger days which made me decide to be my four daughters’ friend? Yea that’s right four my oldest is eighteen, my second fifteen, my third fourteen, and least the only one I actually have control of  eight.

I lived a life that I was taught so in ’97 I gave my stepmother since I was three and asked her to watch my three oldest till I could get a home. Having the same addictions as my stepmother cause she did them with me I trusted her. I had no idea that she would take all my possessions of my second daughter and give them to her niece. Then her niece took my baby to ST. GOERGE. Kept the certified letter and adopted her. Well that sure is not mother. I fought but these people who said they love me all but buried me alive. Well they abused her so stepmom reversed the adoption now my daughter is my stepsister, wow crazy huh? Wait there’s more now she wants to be with me and as always I’ve got open arms. Now I have no control and could use all the advice possible. I’ve got my girl here and I will tell the rest of this story later.