Frolicking Fairies

by admin

Frolicking Fairies

Have you ever sat watching your children and felt as though you were watching life through one of those old, grainy slideshows, like on Wonder Years?

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing, that we miss life’s heartbeat right before our eyes. Even though these frolicking fairies were just beyond my camera lens, as I sat, I could feel the time blowing by like the wind on my face.

Dear precious girls,

How does the time slip by so quickly? Where have our days of diapers and bottles gone? As we have bustled from chores to events to obligations, the boxes on the calendar continue to tick off, and I fear I may miss the life in between. May I pause to hear your new piano piece and see the new picture you’ve colored. Let me stop to see the cricket you have caught and the mudpies you have baked. May the clay on the kitchen floor and the fingerprints on the glass serve only to remind me of your health and vibrant energy.

The day will come when the scissors will be where I left them and the kitchen table will be free of books and crafts and crayons. The lights will stay off, the doors shut, and the toilet paper and toothpaste will always be there when needed.

But the windowsills will no longer be lined with wildflowers picked for love. Cold mornings won’t be warmed by the six lanky legs of my three little snugglers. The fridge won’t be covered with handmade love letters and the evenings will no longer be crowned with sweet kisses and prayers for kitties and love-bugs.

May I have ears to hear your thoughts and concerns. Let my arms be ready to comfort your fears and nurture your spirits. May I have energy to discover your interests and explore your world. May my heart be turned toward yours that I may know you and love you adequately.

Soon enough you will find that I am not perfect. Sometimes I am selfish and sometimes I am lazy. Sometimes I get frustrated with you just for being a kid. Sometimes I just don’t have any more to give. But I pray that as you grow into godly women, that you will see that I have tried to do the same, and to pour into you the purest life that I could find.

Time will blow by and as your sails catch the wind and you find your own corners of the ocean to navigate, I hope that you will look back on our days in shallower waters and smile. That we will have laughed together and learned together. And someday when we are sitting around the living room watching those old, grainy movies of yesteryear, forgive me if I cry a little. And may I never forget tonight and my precious, frolicking fairies.