The Future

by admin

The Future

We as humans have overcome multiple endings and beginnings and everything in between since as far as we can discover. We have seen triumphs and falls and have advanced in technology, education, medication, and as a society. We have fought and lost, got back up, fought again, and won. We have battled for freedom and liberty, from Caucasian, African American, Jewish, Korean, and even Middle Eastern.

We have been influenced by good and bad. We have learned from our mistakes and are still learning. We have questioned, researched, and answered to the best of are ability. There is an abundant amount of people living in the world. Each one doing whatever it takes to survive, whether they believe they need to buy selling illegal items, working nine to four, owning a huge corporation, demanding a country, or living off welfare. Every man and woman has the same purpose in life, to live, to love, to create. How we do so and which paths we take depends on us and how we choose our fate.

But what if you couldn’t choose? What if you were stuck? Stuck in a place where you felt unwanted. You had no money, no house, only two pairs of clothing, wholes in your socks and shoes, but you didn’t mind all you wanted was somebody to love and somebody who loves you, someone who will support you when you go through tough trials in your life, an educator that will help you grow to your fullest potential and beyond, someone you can call family, someone you can look forward to seeing on holidays, someone that can leave a legacy, and imprint on you. I’m sure everyone wants this, and some of you may have it. But not everyone does.

In fact a majority of children, just in the U.S do no have this comfort, this happiness. Granted you may donate your $1 to the foreign children, who very well need all the support we can offer. But what about the children next door to you or around the block? The children that are kidnapped every day? Abused and neglected? Starved and tortured? How much will you donate to them? Donating is well, and those who participate have good intentions, but is that enough? I don’t believe so, these children don’t need money, they need a family.

Children do not understand the concept of money until a certain age, and even then all they want is to be able to come home from school and be greeted with a, “Hi, Honey how was your day? ” They need moms to clean their cuts, comfort them when they have nightmares. They need fathers who will play baseball with them and cheer their team on even though they are losing. That is what children need most of all.

So you ask yourself, what can I do? The answer, adopt! I know what your saying, I can’t, I don’t have the money, I only live in an apartment, my job is a dead end. Well guess what it doesn’t matter! You don’t need a huge fancy house, an income of 100,000 a year, or a super job. You don’t even need to be a celebrity! If you are interested in finding out more information and are ready to change lives, lives of our future country for a better tomorrow go to the Adopt US Kids website, you don’t even have to adopt, you can even look into starting a foster home. Either way do something today, before tomorrow goes away.