Getting Acquainted

by admin

Getting Acquainted

I’ve been so immersed tending to my young children that I didn’t notice when this new person entered our lives until well, she was here. Now she’s hard to miss despite her diminutive size since she makes her presence known by her brazenness and charm.

Apparently she is a child of few manners and few words who can still adeptly manage to get what she wants. This child has the audacity to walk right up to one of my older children and just grab what they’re holding and walk away! Without so much as a “may I?” too! She also demands, yes demands things by ranting “Me! Me! Me!” with little arms extended in front of her.

She’s absolutely enthralled with our ninety-pound puppy and lets him know of her adoration by flinging herself on him. But she also wants to remind him to “wait” for treats by walking past him several times with cookies and crackers held at snout level.

We have discovered that she can skip and loves to sing the chorus (even if there isn’t one) to music in the car. I’ve discovered that she enjoys trying on different expressions, especially those of annoyance and consternation while looking in a closet mirror, before walking off in an exaggerated huff.

Her eyes resemble our youngest child Grace, the sweet little baby who would peer out from the sling with such a loving, innocent gaze. And her smile mirrors how Grace would beam while happily accompanying me on errands. But this child is restless in the shopping cart and gives an arched-back protest if transported in the car for more than one stop.

She has sorted through baby Grace’s clothes to find exactly what she wants to wear each day, which often includes accessories. Shoes to match. Ensembles she tries to put on herself and then tries to wiggle out of when I attempt to help have replaced the simple onesies and slip on shoes.

I must admit that I miss our little baby who was so amiable and just wanted to be held. This little girl is a whirling dervish of energy and interest. The days of cradling a little body nestled close in a sling are long gone.

The easy-going, docile temperament of our baby has been replaced by the determined disposition of our toddler. Life is not how it was.

I watch this child enjoying her Music Together CD, clapping along to the song joyfully dancing in that ballerina tutu over jean overalls. She knows what she likes and what she wants. And I’m intrigued.

I don’t know when our little babe became this independent-minded, opinionated young lady of twenty-three months but I’m enjoying getting to know her.