Getting Back to Norm After Gestational Diabetes

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Getting Back to Norm After Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is a period when most of women get overweight—a bit or a lot. This level of overweight is individual, and it depends on various factors. Such as proper feeding, overeating, vitamins/calorie/carbohydrates/fat intake, physical exercising level, health conditions, and heredity.

So, as you know gestational diabetes is a “temporary” type of this disease. It could be diagnosed at 24–28 weeks of gestation, and shows up in high blood sugar levels. But if everything goes well it “disappears” soon after child delivery without causing any additional troubles for both mom and a baby. In case diabetes is diagnosed at early stages of pregnancy it means that it’s not gestational diabetes: it’s either type I or type II diabetes. Your blood sugar will most likely return to normal after delivery. But gestational diabetes is a warning sign that you are at risk of getting diabetes later in life. That is why a healthy balanced diet that is low in sugar and includes lots of colorful vegetables is beneficial for both women and children.

Getting back to physical norm after pregnancy is often not easy. For women who had gestational diabetes it could be a bit more complicated though quite possible. The only thing you should remember is that it’s not necessary to separate these two spheres—make this process complex, because measures for these two components can help each other to achieve fast, healthy, and stable results.

Make your own plan of getting back to norm and define ways of getting result in each point. The main aspects of it should be like these: try to loose overweight; get regular exercises; have your blood sugar level checked regularly during lactation period and after it. And in no case refuse from breast feeding.

Your blood sugar needs to be back to normal before you get pregnant again. Have your blood sugar checked before you plan your next pregnancy. It’s really important because in most cases women who had gestational diabetes during their previous pregnancy(ies) will most likely to have it during the next one(s).

Be sure that during your pregnancy and after delivery you get as much information and consultations from your doctor as possible because being informed in such situations is crucial to get back to norm soon and avoid having negative consequences.

If during your pregnancy you managed to control your blood sugar levels with the help of (diabetic) diets only then you are lucky, and you most probably won’t have many troubles with getting back to norm after delivery. In case you had to take some pills or even insulin injections you should treat your condition more seriously.

For most pregnant women with gestational diabetes it’s really troublesome. They have to take insulin shots and follow strict diets. Please be patient after delivery, your body will need some time to react to changes. And be positive! Everything is going to be fine!