Giant Cosmic Joke!

by admin

Giant Cosmic Joke!

I am the only one that thinks that children are the biggest joke the cosmos could play on us? They give women this need to have a baby, create life, or you just need someone to care for you in old age. Whatever your reason you decide to have a child.

What you get is this cute and sweet little helpless baby. Something that completely needs you for everything. It is so sweet and cuddly you can’t help but fall completely and totally in love. You think that you have the sweetest and cutest baby ever created. Everything is fine and happy in your mommy world until one day when that sweet baby turns two, three, or three and a half in my case and becomes your now demon child. WHAT HAPPENED to that nice, sweet and cuddly baby? Where did this little monster come from? This can’t be my child. Oh yes it is. It is the comic joke. 

See noe the cosmos just sits back and laughs at you. Laughing at your screaming nonsense trying to get your demon to sit still. Trying to get your demon to stop writing on your nice white wall with crayon or to stop yelling and throwing a huge fit in the middle of the store. They are laughing because this was the plan. You got a sweet baby to fall in love with then it turns on you but you still love it so you have to keep it around. You just lose your mind for the next fifteen years or so, because you know the ultimate joke from the cosmos is coming. Soon they will be TEENAGERS!