Gifts for Any Economy

by admin

Gifts for Any Economy

This year I wanted to teach my kids the value of money. I had a pretty rough childhood and went without a lot. I mean, a lot. So, my children never go without the latest and greatest Wii or American Girl dolls. And, this year the lesson is harder for me to learn than for them. But, we all got a big gift. My son got Guitar Hero, my daughter got a digital camera, and I got a GPS so that I don’t panic when I get lost in our new transplanted home.

But, we made most of our other gifts. We made over a hundred holiday cards that took nearly fifteen hours. We have recycled many of our unwanted things to families in need. We made gifts for loved ones with various photos from throughout the year and got to spend time together doing so.

Having doesn’t teach children the value of money. It’s the doing without and the earning that teaches them the value of money. It’s the time we spend with them and the memories we share that will last a lifetime, not the eleven American Girl dolls that lie on the floor she will remember.