Giggles in Church

by admin

Giggles in Church

My husband and I are trying to raise our children right, I swear. But there are moments when things just seem to get away from us. While sitting in church on Sunday morning my youngest started giggling. I remember this happening when I was a child, hence, my parents sat on either side of my sister and I.

My two children were sitting together next to the aisle. I got up and moved between them. The giggling from both sides continued. I gave my son a stern “shut up we are in church” look. No effect. Finally, I leaned over and asked him what was so funny. “Well” he whispered, “I just tooted and she looked at me and called me a ‘fart knocker’ and plugged her nose.” I turned and looked at my daughter, and she just smiled like and angel. I looked at my husband, and he said, “What?” I leaned over and told him what our son had just said. He let out a snort, and started giggling, which in turn got the kids giggling again. By this time the whole pew was shaking. I tried to discreetly look around to see if anyone else was noticing what was happening. There was a stern looking lady behind us, and her husband who had a wide smile on his face. I swear, it looked like he was wiping away tears (which I am not sure were there because he was so amused, or he smelled the afore mentioned “toot”).

I looked at my beautiful family sitting in church, giggling over something so silly, and started to chuckle to. I guess if you can’t beat them, you got to join them. When church was over and we stood to leave, everyone around us had smiles on their faces. They didn’t know what the joke was, but all apparently got the giggle bug too. I don’t remember the sermon, but I will keep taking my kids to church, and hope they get something more out of it then the giggles!