A Girly-Girl Raising Boys!

by Audrey McClelland

A Girly-Girl Raising Boys!

I love the color pink.


I love gorgeous scarves. High heeled boots. Chunky necklaces. And that perfect pair of jeans, with that perfect black turtleneck sweater.


I love perfumes. Lotions. Bubble baths. And ahh, my soft cashmere robe.


I love shopping. I love the latest trends. And I love getting my new issue of Vogue and dissecting it page by page.


I love decorating. I love flowers in beautiful vases. I love big, fluffy pillows. And I love framing photos and making journals and scrapbooks.


I love it.


I’m one of those women who you would describe as a total-girly-girl. I mean, from the very beginning I was that girly-girl. I loved bows and ribbons and lace. I loved dresses and skirts and patent leather shoes. I loved seeing what the girls in BOP were wearing.


And I was that girl who dreamed of her wedding since—well, I don’t remember a time in my life not dreaming about it. And who named her daughters, about a million times, before the age of ten.


It’s always been me.


And so, when I became pregnant with my first child in January 2004, everyone—EVERYONE—kept telling me, “Oh … it’s gotta be a girl. I can only see you with a girl.”


And I guess, in a way, I thought my first born would be a girl too. After all, I AM a girly-girl. I may as well have a girly-girl daughter, right!?


Well … William entered my life on September 25th, 2004.


Then … Alexander on September 28th, 2005.


And Benjamin on April 4th, 2007.


And now, baby BOY number four will be here in June.




Four boys for a very—‘til this day—Girly-Girl.


I laugh now when people tell me they only saw me with girls because I can only see me with boys. I cannot imagine my life without these 3+ incredible little men. And I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.


And even though I am a girly-girl mom, I have adapted quite nicely to the world of BOYS.


Trucks. Trains. Mud and puddles. Frogs and snakes. Bugs and ants. Spiderman and Batman. Baseball, football and basketball. Cars. Oh-my-goodness, CARS. And Legos. Lincoln Logs. And wrestling. Nerf guns. Foam balls. Rocks. Lightsabers.


Peeing standing up. Sticky hands (the stickier, the better). Slime.


Life without sweatshirts, jackets, or hats. And matching socks? Who needs ‘em.

Buzz cuts.


Dare-devil antics beyond my imagination.


Poop talk. Oh yes, they all love “poop talk” already!


And the all-important decision of boxers or briefs for my oldest son each morning.


These are the things I have adapted to like a fish to water.


These are the things that make me, well … Mom.




And here’s the big BUT. I can maintain my total Girly-Girl self.


I play football and baseball and basketball in my high heeled clogs. Yes, I have mastered the sport.


I tell my little men all about Louis Vuitton. And Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Perfume. And Bobbi Brown lipgloss.


I dress up for outings at their preschool. And love bringing them shopping with me … even though they don’t get excited about seeing a pair of pants in their size still available at 75 percent off!


I show them the journals and scrapbooks I have been making them since I found out I was pregnant with each … and revel in the fact that some day their girlfriends and wives will absolutely love them (well, I hope so!)!


I dance around our kitchen to “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Ring of Fire” … and teach them how to spin mommy around and dance with wild abandon! I teach them about recipes. About cakes and cookies and the magic of icings and sprinkles and food colors!


I try to show them my side of being their mom … a Girly-Girl. Because someday, may it be far, far away, or not that far away, there will be some girlfriends coming through our home, and I want my sons to know things beyond the “boy” things.


I want them to be proud of their mom. And always know that I am a Girly-Girl, who just happens to be blessed with raising boys!


So … even though I’m not braiding hair and playing with baby dolls and Barbie … and decorating rooms in floor-to-ceiling pink, my beautiful boys know that I am that fun, funny, always-on-call for a date with Daddy or a date with Darth Vader Girly-Girl Mom.


And I treasure every solid blue second of it!