A Glimpse into Classroom Life

by admin

A Glimpse into Classroom Life

My ten-year-old daughter, Jacqueline, approached me looking sheepish and saying she needed a “really big favor.” Ever so slowly I managed to drag out of her that she had told her teacher our printer was broken as an explanation of why she didn’t bring her homework, and the teacher had asked for a signed note from me verifying that.

I, of course, refused. Melodramarama, with quivering chin, dripping eyes, and all ensued. I worked myself up into quite a pontifical state with ridiculous statements such as “When your word is worthless and you lie, then you are a lie,” and other such nonsense actually issuing from my own mouth. Then I told her she had to fess up and admit she’d lied; she insisted she couldn’t, etc. So I pointed out that the teacher would not be surprised; she obviously suspected something already, or she wouldn’t have asked for the note.

Jacqueline responded, “Well, she told all the kids who said their printers were broken they had to bring notes.”

I queried in confusion, “Geez, how many kids said that?”

She answered, in outrage, crocodile tears gone, “Like ten or something. It was my perfectly good excuse for not bringing the homework, then all these kids are like, (mimicking snottily) ‘mine’s broken too, really’ and then she didn’t believe it!”