Gluten-Free Dinners Kids Will Love (Really!)

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Gluten-Free Dinners Kids Will Love (Really!)

Kids eat the darndest things and for kids with celiac disease or who need a gluten-free diet, there are now plenty of options in grocery stores or online to stock your cupboards with. Coming up with gluten-free meals can be as easy as replacing an ingredient or two, or cooking those dishes that don’t call for wheat.

Where to Shop
While some major chains carry gluten-free products in their health food aisles, certain stores and online options make one-stop shopping a breeze. Most of the stores separate their products into specific food items, meals, baking products, or snacks. Trader Joe’s has a gluten-free product list and Whole Foods Market takes this situation seriously by having a whole gluten-free bakery. If you have food co-ops and health food stores in your area, they are the stores that are most likely to support a gluten-free line of food products. You can also shop online at places like Wellness Grocer and Gluten Free Trading Company.

If you don’t know where to start, try substituting your normal ingredients with gluten-free products from our divine gluten-free pantry. Then get cooking …

Divine Dinners the Kids Will Love
Divine Burgers
Sugar and Gluten-Free Ketchup
Homemade Tomato Soup
Oven Baked Fries

Gluten-Free Means Light and Carefree
Chicken Pot Pie (Gluten-Free)
Cut-the-Fat Cauliflower-Mashed Potatoes (the kids will never taste the cauliflower!)

Divine Desserts
Arroz con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding)
Fresh Fruit Cocktail

And at the End of the Day
There’s even gluten-free beer that Mom and Dad can add to their shopping cart when hitting the store.