The God Smell

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The God Smell

Several weeks ago, a new baby arrived for my brother and his wife. So Jacob has been home for a couple of weeks and the girlies (my nieces) are thrilled with their new cousin. Before Memorial Day weekend, I am speaking to Hannah (the youngest of the girlies, age eight) and with a very serious voice, Hannah says, “AL (Aunt Lorraine), can I ask you a question?”

I respond, “Of course. Anything in particular?”

Hannah: “AL, why do all babies smell the same?”

Me: “Smell the same?”

Hannah: “Yeah, seems all babies white or brown, blue, green, brown eyes, boys or girls, they all smell the same when they get here.”

Needless to say, I did not say something about Johnson’s and Johnson’s or diapers or formula, although tempted. I could tell she was thinking way bigger than this.

I said to Hannah, “It’s the God smell.”

Hannah: “The God smell?”

“Yep, when you arrive here, you smell like God.”

Hannah, thinking about this, then says, “You know, when it rains really hard with the really big wind and then it stops and the sun comes out again you can smell the God smell a little bit then, too! So babies smell like God so we remember his hugs?”

“Yes, Hannah.”

Hannah: “Does the smell go away? I don’t smell like the baby now, do I?”

Me: “No, Hannah, the smell doesn’t go away, but it does change and like the rainstorm, we can smell the God smell when God wants to let us know He is there.”

Hannah: “Thanks, AL, that makes sense now.”

From the children we shall learn …