God’s Grace

by admin

God’s Grace

God saw fit to bring us together. Thanks, I am glad we are here. You helped me to grow to the person I am. I may have wished for this to happen, but in another way. I think I was supposed to go through this to become me. I was scared so many times and had so many fears, but every time I looked into your eyes, I saw a sparkle. My pain would lift and my heart would fill with delight. I am thankful that God gave you to me. I was blessed twice. I know God saw that I needed you both to become the person I am.

My life was so calm before you both came here to me. I just went about my days without any major events. I saw you and knew my life would never be the same and am glad for that. I have taught you so much and have been given so much back from you both ten-fold … This was not just a once in a lifetime event, but I was so blessed to have that grace twice. You are so different but yet the same. You have a part of me in you forever, but yet it is so amazing to see how you have grown into your own. I look at each one and see the amazing sparkle in your gorgeous eyes, the smiles on your sweet faces, the softness yet strength in your growing hands. I look at you both in awe as you teach one another, I am proud when you work together to achieve a goal, and just blown away when you tell me you love me and give me kisses in front of your friends.

I truly think I am the most blessed and thankful Mom. I have not had it easy, but everyday I look at them and think, “Wow, I would not be “me” without them.” I am truly grateful to my boys for the grace and love they have brought to me. Everyday has been an adventure—the medical problems at birth, the foolish things they would say, the beautiful cards and drawing they would do for me. The graduating from eighth grade, the awards in school, the sporting events that I get to cheer at. The amazing hugs and kisses, the birthday parties, the Nascar parties, and Cody’s fantastic cooking are just part of the reasons that these boys are my Grace from God. Cody’s helping with bills is just something that I am so proud of. He doesn’t just think about himself but everyone else in the family, too. He works so hard and now his brother is learning for him.

If I don’t get another thing from them, which is highly unlikely, I cherish what they have given me so far. I struggle everyday to teach them that they are so amazing but, you know, I really don’t need to teach them because they are really teaching me. I am learning that I am the amazing one for having them in my life. I grow everyday just as they do. I think I am becoming a very special person for God gracing me with the love and appreciation they have for me.


You are my love and my life, you are the reason I can go on and live through the strife.

My dreams started to come true the day you came my way; I will always remember those days.

I am feeling good about following your lead; I know you have a life that will not be filled with greed.

Learning and trusting is something that we all go through; Believing and dreaming isn’t anything new.

I see the future as great and tall; I see you doing life’s big call …

You are the future and I see your path as beautiful and long; I know you will be the grandest of all.