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Good-bye, my friend

I stood at her bedside in the Intensive Care Unit and looked down at my mom, free of the ventilator that had filled her lungs with the breath of life. She looked peaceful. The past four days had been rough on her eighty-nine year old body. She was leaving this world now to begin her everlasting life.
I stroked her forehead gently with my fingers and whispered to her that I loved her and I thanked her for all she had done for me. I told her that no one would ever love me like she did. A mother's love is a special love. A love like no other. I told her that she would be with her mother again and her dad. She would see her granny again and her husband. I asked her to send me a sign when she got to heaven to let me know she made it okay. I asked her to send me a rainbow.
I witnessed her last breath and saw her pass from our world into the next just as she witnessed my first breath and brought me into this world.
"I love you, I love you," I said as tears streamed down my face. "I'll miss you so much, Mom. Good-bye, my friend."

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