Got Kids? Make Mornings Run More Smoothly

by admin

Got Kids? Make Mornings Run More Smoothly

Have kids? Need some tips and tricks on getting the family out the door in the morning unscathed? How about some study strategies? Keeping organized? Here are seven organizational tips to make mornings run more smoothly.

1. Place the homework in the book bag as soon as it’s finished
Don’t get stuck inhaling, eyes wide when you get back from dropping your kids off at school, only to find that the project on your family tree that you worked two hours on the night before is still on the kitchen counter.

2. Never lose keys again
Keep a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Place your keys inside of it when you come in the door. That also goes for wallet and cell phone. Make it a large bowl.

3. Where are my glasses, Mom?
Before bedtime, make sure you have a designated place for glasses, such as on the bureau. Have a cute case that you can have your child decorate so that it becomes the glasses’ “nest” and your glasses need to have a nice rest so that they can be well-rested enough to see well the next day!

4. The shoe disaster
Get a couple of stand-alone bookshelves and use them as a shoe organizer. All shoes go on the shelves before bedtime.

5. Establish a reward system
If breakfast is eaten, clothes, socks, and shoes on, jacket on with backpack and snack in hand by 8:15 a.m. five days in a row, your kid gets to go to the dollar store and pick out a few prizes at the end of the week.

6.Moooooooooooommyyyyyyyy!” Avoid those annoying whines!
If you have two children constantly whining in the morning, establish a penny chart. Each time one child whines, they get a penny. The first person to get twenty-five pennies, well, the OTHER kid gets to pick out a prize at the dollar store (or whatever else you agree upon).

7. Do homework with your child after dinner, but before dessert
No matter how small, sit with your child and help him or her with her homework. Do it after dinner, but before dessert so that dessert becomes the motivating factor. If you establish this as a routine, you are sure to experience success.