Grace Under Fire

by admin

Grace Under Fire

There are those moments in life where I have learned that there are two routes that you can take. It is when things seem to be coming at you from every direction that you can either freak out and feel pity for why the sky is falling on you or you can take many deep breaths and realize that this too shall pass. I had one of these moments last night. As I’m driving my nine month old son home from a birthday party outside the city last night at the heart of the traffic hour, it starts to rain. And just as the rain starts falling and the cars come to a stop for bumper to bumper traffic, Logan starts crying. It’s dinner time followed by an immediate bedtime and he is not happy that he is stuck in the car. And has no qualms about letting me know it. Meanwhile, my dog walker had just left me a message that my dog had “stomach issues” (I won’t go into details) on the car ride home and is now in my house unattended. Great …

So here I am stopped on the freeway for an hour and my jaw is clenched and the knot in my shoulder is getting bigger and bigger and I am on the verge of harmonizing my crying with my son’s crying. I realized that I had two ways I could handle this moment in time. I chose grace under fire. I took about a million deep breaths, I gave up any control that I may have over the situation (of which I had none) and I told myself that this too shall pass. And sure enough as soon as we got home, the dog didn’t have an accident and Logan was as happy as can be playing with his toys.

I can’t always say that I’ve chosen grace under fire or that I always will but I’m writing this as a reminder to all of us that whatever you are going through right now, this too shall pass. And you have a choice in how you handle it. You can either make it worse, or choose to breathe through it and wait for it to pass.