Graduating? Tips to Getting a Scholarship for College

by admin

Graduating? Tips to Getting a Scholarship for College

Class of 2009? Congratulations! You probably don’t need to read this article. 

But, if you’re class of 2010 and later? You may want to! 

This is a friendly guide to (hopefully) getting that scholarship you need! We all know how expensive going to College for that important career is, so that’s why there are the scholarships!

Scholarships usually require an essay of 300 to 400 words, more, or less. Usually, of “why do you deserve this scholarship?” as well as “What are your Goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?”. Some also, have other requirements like, being a resident in a certain county, or an organization. 

So, let’s focus on the essay part: 

“Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?” 

Well, this is where you write, why you feel you deserve this certain scholarship. 300-500 words. Usually typed or handwritten. But, however you write it, consider these things in mind: 

  • Neatness
  • Use of Language; (No curse words, spelling, comma’s, word usage)
  • Correct Spelling
  • Restate the question: (“I feel that I deserve this certain scholarship because …”)
  • After restating the question, write what qualities you believe you have, and describe yourself as a person. (Are you hardworking? Are you dedicated? Will you display your abilities, if asked? What other things make you the person you are?)
  • Do some homework; Research! Research on what the scholarship is for, if from a certain group, and what it is asking for.
  • Use some personal things in there, if you must. Most likely, they wont keep these forever, or barge into your life. The people who pick the person(s) to receive the scholarship, only want to make sure, that they are giving it to the right person(s).

Next, comes the other possible essay. One of the most important ones as well.

“What Are Your Goals, and How Do You Plan To Achieve Them?” 

  • State your goals
  • How long have you had these certain goals
  • Have you done anything, to try to achieve them?
  • What do you think could be done, to achieve them?
  • What do you plan to do, to achieve the goals?
  • State why you have those goals; (If the goals are really personal to you, then use personal feelings/situations. The people won’t really dulge into your private life.)
  • How will you feel, when these goals are completed?
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation

The “goals” essay is mostly important, because it shows another side of who you really are. It shows a level of determination, and importance, and how you strive to do something. Do you go the whole 100 percent? Or just 50 percent, and hope for the best? 

It’s for you to decide. 

But, it’s the person’s job, to see how you are as a person, just by reading an essay. 

So, make it a useful part, and take the time to write about your goals, and why you deserve the scholarship(s). 

Because, in the end, it’ll all be worth it.