Growing Wings

by admin

Growing Wings

As a mother, you only want the very best for your child. You have anticipated their arrival for nine months, given birth to them, and loved and nurtured them for four years. You want to be able to protect them and keep them safe and happy. As the first day of school approaches though, you know it is only a matter of time before they are out of the safety of your arms and fending for themselves in this big and wonderful world.

They will have to be strong and stand up for themselves, without your watchful eye. They will have to make decisions on their own and learn to be away from you all day. As they kiss you goodbye and step up onto the bus, not knowing where to sit or if they will have a friend to talk to, you have to let them go. No matter how hard it is, because it is the process of letting go, and of letting them grow up that allows them to become the people that they are meant to be. Take comfort in knowing that you have taught them as much as you could, up to then, and will continue to teach them everything they will need to know to be a good person, an honest and caring person.

It took everything I had to not take my kids back home with me each time. To protect them as only a mother can. I realized though that it is their only way to become the strong, independent, successful people that I want them to be. Letting them grow their own wings and find their own way is part of letting them grow up. As hard as it is for me to accept, it is what I want for them.

Putting them on the bus for the first day of school was one of the hardest things that I had to do with each of my children, but it was hardest with my first because he didn't have a sibling to look out for him. As a parent, it is always difficult to know when to let them learn on their own and when to guide and steer them in another direction.

The first day of school was only the beginning of many times that were hard to let go, but now that my kids are seventeen, fourteen and eight, I realize that they will be alright when they are on their own. Whatever decisions they make will be made with good judgment because they are kind, smart, sensitive to others and responsible kids. They are amazing individuals and I know that they will be successful at anything they do. What more could I ever want? So, for any new mothers who are dreading the first day of school, know that you will survive and your heart will mend. Your children will always need you.

Allison Roberts