Halloween Joke: When April Fools Came in October

by admin

Halloween Joke: When April Fools Came in October

It happened four years ago, two weeks before Halloween …

My daughter was thirteen years old. My husband and my daughter are best friends. He drives her to school every morning, making lunch and giving her valuable advices about the boys. But one night …

My husband came home from work and told me that he needed to talk to me about something very important. He had this sad face and looked like he had to make very important decision in his life. I got a little worried and after the dinner when kids were watching TV I asked him what was wrong.

My husband: “Babe … you know I love your daughter very much. I treat her like my own and do a lot for her.”

Me: “Yes, Honey? Tell me what is going on?!”

My husband: “Well, you know for the last two weeks, every morning when I am driving Sofia to school she starts requesting something that I cannot really do for her … ”

Me: “Yes?!”

My Husband: “She wants me … to wear a banana costume for the Halloween, you know, this big yellow banana costume! I am a serious person and lot of people know me. I just cannot do it but I do not want to hurt her feelings.”

Me: “Bruce! What feelings?”

Me: “Sofia! What banana costume?”

Sofia: “Oh, come on! I was just jooookiiiiing. Just wanted to see his reaction!”

Bruce: “Whew!”

I guess Sofia got her holidays mixed up!