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Happiness Is ...

Happiness Is…

…Listening to my boys play nicely together. Without having to bribe them.

…A hot bubble bath, extra-large glass of Pinot Noir, and dark chocolate. And a locked door.

…Having parents and grandparents who can love—and babysit—my kids.

…Having family to watch my kids grow ... and to grow with them.

…When naptimes are long and simultaneous.

…My husband getting off of work early to play soccer with our son.

…My baby’s giggles.His sweet skin, warm kisses, soft hair.

...My preschooler writing his name: Crooked, backwards, beautiful.

…Hot pizza for dinner, cold chocolate ice cream for dessert, and warm snuggles before bed.

...An empty dishwasher.

...An empty dryer.

…An empty garbage can.

…Enough leftovers for lunch. And dinner. And lunch again.

…Date night.

…Sloppy kisses from my boys (husband included).

…Seeing my kids run into grandma’s arms. And me driving off.

…Knowing that I’m where I’m supposed to be (at home).

…Knowing that it’s ok to feel like this sometimes (crazy).

…Knowing that it’s ok to doubt my abilities (as mom and wife).

…Knowing that God loves me as I am (but must look at me with exasperation often).

I am Happiness.

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