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Happiness Appears

When I realized that my life as a stay at home mom was going to be long ride, I instantly became suffocated in my own space. I thought my life had ended. My journey of staying at home was a roller coaster ride of ups and downs while learning to exist and this is what I discovered. No matter what you choose to do in life it requires a certain level of happiness inside you, no matter what the event is you are not your circumstances.
Every product out there today is promising happiness in a jar, fragrance or a T-shirt. The reality shows we see on television portray housewives as sexy soccer moms with a fantasy lifestyles overflowing with happiness are never what they really appear to be.
After being at home for 7 years as a wife, mother, caretaker and helpmate I had become fragmented. What does it mean to be a woman in today’s society without a true purpose or a vision? Happiness appears when you realize that you are your greatest gift.
That the outer beauty you are looking for is there when you get up and put on some blush and lip gloss. The inner beauty you desire manifest when you love yourself by understanding that you are an imperfect being. Embrace the fact you can’t cook or your BFF sews her kids Halloween costumes and you buy yours. Be ok with the idea that you hate mommy groups or swear off PTA meetings. Then make room for things that you love, that make you whole.

My life began after I became a stay at home mom without me realizing it. I did not understand that it could have been what ever I imagined it to be. Who did I want to be? Did I absolutely love who I saw in the mirror with all of my flaws? I then realized it was never about being a stay at home mom. It was always about knowing who I was all while being one. Happiness will appear when you just baked your favorite cake wearing your favorite dress. What do you love to do and how often do you do it? It is harder to be perfect then it is to be you.
I now love my life because I understand how to be happy as I know it to be. I am still a stay at home mom no longer on the outside looking in because I can create my own fabulous life from within. Somewhere between afternoon snacks and laundry I get to be me and I am thankful for it

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