Happiness Is Feeding My Picky Seedling

by admin

Happiness Is Feeding My Picky Seedling

It fills my momma-heart to the brim with so much happiness to see my son really enjoy something I’ve prepared for our family to eat. And I’m thrilled that it’s happening more and more these days. He’s at an age now where he’s growing at a rapid rate, and it seems like he has a bottomless pit for a stomach, so he’s beginning to get more adventurous with his food. (Maybe there’s even a “coolness” factor now associated with being food adventurous—who knows?) When he was a just a little guy, right up to about toddler age, he ate pretty much whatever was put in front of him, but as he got older and learned the power of “no” and of having an opinion, he became quite specific about what he would and wouldn’t eat. “Picky”, I think they call it? Yeah. Most of my son’s dislikes have to do with the textures of certain foods, of all things. Go figure. So for quite a while now, I’ve been looking forward to his taste expanding, and to him actually enjoying food for the sake of the real enjoyment that it brings.

Since I’m regularly recipe developing for my blog, I’ve been having some fun with my hubby and son, using them as “taste testers” (tough work for them, right?) to get a feel for if I’m on the right track with a recipe. My hubs has always been my biggest fan in regards to my culinary creations, and continues to be, but I’ve noticed a really neat change in my son’s attitude toward new dishes, and food in general; he’s starting to enjoy and comment more on specific elements in the recipes, and that’s a new thing. All I can say is, “Yeay!” Finally. Now, I feel like I can begin venturing out a bit more when cooking for all of us. After seeing how much my son enjoyed a Spicy, Cajun Salmon sandwich recipe I made (he ended up eating two with desire for more, saying that it was now his favorite salmon dish), I realized just how hungry I’ve been to see him really enjoy what I cook up for him. There’s no greater compliment that I could ask for, really; talk about a simple pleasure.

I’m hoping that my sharing this with all of you moms out there that continue to pour your love into preparing limited entrees for your picky eater will encourage you to know that a turn-around is more than possible. Tastes often change and become more refined, and though my son is still a work-in-progress, he’s becoming much more open to trying out new things. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t give to see my boy really tuck into his meals with real gusto, and thank God, it looks like we’re finally getting there.