Happy Mother’s Day (U.K.)

by admin

Happy Mother’s Day (U.K.)

It’s Mother’s Day in the U.K. today and I just want to write about my joy at being the mum of a wonderful, unique, and amazing daughter (age four) who I adopted just over three years ago.

She had a difficult first year of life with her birth mum and then within foster care; then had after being with us for six months, the change when my then-husband and I split up (you can read my previous article for all of that), a lot to take in the first eighteen months of life!

She has, despite a difficult beginning, thrived and is a happy, confident, kind, funny, and wonderful little girl.

From the moment she became my daughter I have loved her with all my heart and soul—indeed there is no way I could ever love a birth child more than I love her. 

I am the happiest Mummy in the world!