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Have Hope

My name is Stephanie Smith and I am twenty-one years old. I know that’s pretty young but just the same ... The one thing in this world I wanted the most I thought I would never have. A baby ... I was told for about two years that there were to many things wrong with me ... I had polycystic ovaries and possible cysts or tumors and god knows what else they thought I had wrong with me. I cried almost everyday for almost two years thinking I would never be able to have children. Fighting with myself to feel like a women all the same ... I thought to my self if I can’t reproduce what good am I?

I didn’t think anyone would want to be with someone like me because the man I married sure didn’t.  He took off with his already made family and expanded on it with the one person in my life I thought would always be there. She was my best friend and my maid of honor.  I thought I would never be happy, until my fiancé came into my life. He is a year younger than me but treats me better than anyone I could ever be with. He’s hard working and respects me for me, and until about seven months ago the only thing that mattered to him was the fact that we had each other. Your probably wondering why seven months ago that changed. Well the answer is I found my soul mate and he gave me everything I could ever ask for including the child growing inside of me right now. We are having a little girl and we have decided to name her Hope. Because no matter how discouraged I got he always said you have to have hope you cant give up hope. And now we have our hope.

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