Have You Ever Heard Yourself Say Killing Time?

by admin

Have You Ever Heard Yourself Say Killing Time?

Killing time is a concept that most working moms will never have the opportunity to experience. I ran into a couple of moms on Friday while I was picking up my seven-year old, “Hey, what’s up?” “Aaahhh, we’re just killing time.” I stumbled. I wasn’t even sure how to respond. “Congratulations?” No, that’s not quite right. “Ah, yeah, I hated time anyway.” That’s better, but I opted to give them the agreeable nod. I figured the reality was sufficiently revealed by our contrasting outfits (them: Lululemon sweats and Ugg boots, me: pant suit and sensible heels).

I’m a hard-charging career gal—owner of a graphic design firm and coauthoring a book on working motherhood. So giving hours, or even minutes, the ol’ heave ho is not something I do regularly. The very thought of it kinda makes me crazy with nervous energy. What would I do with myself? Chat with a stranger? Doodle? In the spirit of Seinfeld, maybe I could just do “nothing”? Or, better yet, I could finally program my phone … Oops, but that would mean I’m not really killing time anymore. Productive, as usual.

The working mom (WoMo) day is based on productivity. Task 1, 2, 3, 4 … done! Next!! My days are often like a drive thru window. You know the one with the digital clock slaying the seconds until the next guy gets served? I can’t even get a mani/pedi on a weekend without demanding that they do both in less than forty-five minutes. One of my few luxuries in life, that doesn’t happen all that often, and I still can’t manage to sacrifice a full hour because I start to feel guilty (there’s that nasty word!). And you want to know the worst part? There’s always that cute girl sitting there in the cushy pedicure chair—fabulous outfit, eyes closed, polishing off hours with little thought of the clock. Sorry, girlfriend, you suck!

Actually, now that I think of it, I do. Here’s the moral of the story for all of us WoMos: live in the moment and make that moment last. Whether it’s a manicure or playing on the floor with your kiddos. You’ll feel a whole lot better.