Have Young People Always Been So Out of Control?

by admin

Have Young People Always Been So Out of Control?

Sadly enough, the media has a habit of making great news of out bad situations. This is not to say that bad situations shouldn’t be highlighted, but that there are also lots of good deeds that never make it to print. I say this because not all of our teenagers are out of control. We have some teenagers doing wonderful deeds and yes, we need more like them.

Life is a forever circle and even though the underlying actions stay constant, the overlying aspects change. Bullying is not a new phenomenon nor is suicide among teenagers. Teenagers have always acted out. Today, however, these unjust acts may be more mischievous and that is so because technology is so accessible, because of the nonparental guidance, and because of society’s lack in itself to enforce self-respect and the respect for the so-called common man. Parents need to get back into the habit of teaching their children well, of setting guidelines, and of making children accountable for their actions. Our children need to understand that they owe a debt to society, that simple debt is kindness to self, and others. Kindness is that inner desire that makes you want to do good things to yourself and to others.

Technology has its place in society but the blame falls on the ready access to this technology. Our children need to be more aware of the negative usage of technology. Here is a case in point: on Facebook there was a picture of a young lady using a port-a-potty … her panties pulled below her knees and the biggest smile on her face. If you could have looked beyond everything else and just focused on her face, you would have noticed a million-dollar smile and that is exactly what she inadvertently wanted to share, and not using a port-a-potty. No young lady with an ounce of pride would think such a picture was worth sharing. It can be debated that had this young lady took a minute to see the negativity in that picture she more than likely would not have shared it.

Too many parents have loosened the reins on their children’s upbringing citing “these times” as opposed to times before when parents ruled. We have fallen prey to the unfortunate concept that children of today are brighter and smarter and can do more on their own. Parents still have a very important role to play in their children’s lives and they have to be more hands-on; parents have to be more aware of what they children are doing. Parents still need to teach their children right from wrong and must do so by example. I am tired of hearing children say, “Oh that’s so old school.” Well, you know what; we need to incorporate some “old school” back into the “new school.” We need to look back at some of those good old values that our parents went by and instill them in the youths of today. Another saying that galls me is to hear parents say “I can’t control my kid.” The main reason that parents can’t control their kids is because they wait too late to try to control them … controlling your child doesn’t start at sixteen years of age but from birth by being very vigilant and by chastising and praising accordingly.

The role of society is to shape our children into responsible adults … but the role of these children is also to fit into society. There is that bad society and there is that good society … .bad society that leads to prison and a cot to sleep on and a good society that offers a decent place to rest when you earned it. Society has to create a picture of hope and enrichment and a path of fulfillment that encourages our children to want to be a part of it. Long before college age, our children should be so focused on what they want to become and the role they want to play in society. Well how is Society to do that you may wonder … by providing the necessary means: programs, opportunities, better school systems, and ultimately hope for a better future. Give our children more opportunities to be positive and you will have less negative outcomes.

Our children can be controlled but it is going to take not only the village but also the entire society to do their part. Starting with the parents, the home, the school, the church, and everyone else. We cannot keep sitting back and waiting for things to happen and then say our children are out of control. Let us teach our children well. Let us teach our children to be kind knowing that kindness transcends all cultures and religions and those simple acts of kindness have the potential to turn a life around.