Having a Baby After Forty

by admin

Having a Baby After Forty

I have started a blog called “Having a Baby After Forty.” Well he’s not actually a baby any longer—he is a toddler. I’m forty-two-and-a-half, my oldest is nineteen-and-a-half, and my toddler is three-and-a-half. It is so different to have a baby after forty; he’s a little aggressive tike. My oldest is a girl and she was a very passive baby but no, not him. He kept me in labor for three months on total bed rest because he wanted to come at six months. A lot of people asked me if my age had something to do with him wanting to come into the world earlier. I told them, no, my cervix opened too soon, just out of a fluke. However, I prayed with determination, listened to the doctor, and constantly talked to my new son-to-be. I spent birthdays and holidays in the hospital, so the stay wasn’t so bad. I received plenty of massages and I was involved with the bedrest group therapy. That was nice because I’m a published poet, so I wrote poems to help us ladies through the hard times. The doctors actually took him a month early after they tested his lungs. The doctors realized he was frank breech so I had to have a C-section, which was c-section number two. Well, that day finally came and he was born on January 5, 2006.

In any event, when I saw him, I said to myself, “Thank you Jesus for letting him be healthy.” But my girlfriends said, “Bye bubble, here comes trouble.” Moreover, I’m glad he is here but it takes a different type of energy when you are over forty as to being twenty-three. I have recently lost my job going on four months now as a Family Outreach Coordinator I was a subcontractor for the Oakland Unified School District. However, I have been spending more time with my toddler, exercising, eating healthy, going to the park, setting up play dates, educating him by making art projects with paint and playdoh, reading, flash cards, working on numbers (math), singing, playing etc…. He’s getting ready to start preschool but it’s been very enjoyable having him as a side kick these past couple months.

I’m actually a Board President of a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization called Oakland Parents Together that I helped develop nine years ago. We are working on a project called One Warm Coat Drive. We just recently opened up our on Family/Parent Resouce Center located at 440 Santa Clara Avenue Oakland, CA 94610. My organization mission is to organize and empower parents to advocate for our children as full partners in the schools. Also we are established in 8 Oakland Unified School District schools we provide Supplement Educational Services (SES) math and reading tutoring programs. I also facilitate parent education, parent discipline workshop with my organization, and train parents to become strong leaders of their children’s school and strong leaders of their communities. Thus, I’m happy that I get to education my little tike on a first hand basis, and he gets to help at our new center which he enjoys because he gets to set up play dates with other children his age. Therefore, I’m truly blessed to have added our new addition to our family even if I’m over forty.