He is My Life Now

by admin

He is My Life Now

I’m nineteen years old. I’m in college (early childhood major). I like to spend my hard earned money on me. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing at my age. Well I found out just a few days ago that I’m pregnant with my first kid. I’m five weeks along. (I have a very very set cycle.) When I was two days late I was flipping out. So I took a cheap one dollar pregnancy test. It was positive. That was heartbreaking because I really wanted to finish college and get a job started before I went about starting a family. I’m scared to tell my family, especially my mom. She doesn’t really like my fiancé anyways, and this will just make it worse. 

Being pregnant really has gotten to me though. I mean I will always wish things happened differently, but I’m only five weeks and already more attached to this baby then I am to my fiancé. There is nothing that can change what is now, except abortion. But who does that, seriously? I know things will only get harder and harder, but I know that keeping this baby is going to be the right decision. It needs “her” mommie and daddie. (We think it’s a girl.)

I know I have a lot I want to accomplish in life. It’s ok. I can still do it. It’s just going to take a little more time then we thought. We will love this little bundle of joy more then anything in the world.