This Cute Headband Prevents Ear Pain from Masks – Here’s How

by Caroline Harris

This Cute Headband Prevents Ear Pain from Masks – Here’s How

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While face masks are the most popular accessory of 2020, they’re not exactly the most comfortable. One recurring complaint is pinched, sore ears from wearing masks for extended periods of time. But headbands with buttons are coming to the rescue, protecting your ears by holding your mask straps. This convenient hair accessory not only prevents ear pain, but it’s also really cute. Our favorite mask headband is RIY Criss Cross Headbands for Women, which is available for just $16 on Amazon.


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The preppy, criss-cross headbands come in a pack of eight so you can wear a different style every day of the week. They’re available in colors like navy, burgundy red, and mustard yellow, as well as in neutral shades of black and gray to match most of your outfits. Each band is made of soft, stretchy material with ruching at the bottom. The white buttons on either sides of the band hold your mask straps securely in place.


These headbands are comfortable enough for long shifts and even all-day wear, earning rave reviews from healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses love that they stay put during long days of mask-wearing. One nurse wrote, “they blend with my scrubs nicely, and my mask goes right over the buttons for a comfy feel, relieving my ears.” Another said, “my ears are very happy, and I get compliments every shift at work.”


The headbands are also earning many five-star reviews from people who aren’t in healthcare but still work long shifts. “I work in a theme park, and I’ve been trying all different kinds of ear savers for my face coverings to try to relieve the pressure off my ears and nose,” one reviewer wrote. “These headbands are the best. They fit great, don’t slide, and the best part is I can throw them in the washing machine after my shift.”


Another utilitarian hack for protecting your ears is adjustable mask extenders that loop around the back of your head and secure your mask straps. But we think headbands with buttons are more fun, adding style to an outfit while also being practical.


Below, you can shop RIY Criss Cross Headbands for Women in a pack of eight or 16, depending on your needs. Either way, your ears will thank you.


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RIY Criss Cross Headbands for Women (8 Pack)


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RIY Criss Cross Headbands for Women (16 Pack)