The Heart Of A Blessed Woman

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The Heart Of  A Blessed Woman

Women We are the beginning species of giving life to , the world we are living in today, giving birth toa child
nine months of carrying a human being inside, of our bodies forming to be a miracle . When the time has come to give birth our hearts are overjoyed, excited ,scared, overwhelmed but ready to hold our new miracle in our arms, he or she will be very welcome into their new home.
Now we are responsible for our little ones care,safety, nourishment, and training your child to be their best in all things will be a chore, but it all comes within the process of growing up. Women we were picked out for this job of reproduction for a reason, we are Blessed every detail of our life is fitting in working for your good.

Working for our good woman , this saying is very true because we as women, are the vessels that goes through some real trying times,not only birthing babies, but trying to maintain and keep your household together especially if you are a single mother and even married women have to step up to the plate .It takes a good hearted woman to continue on inspite of harsh circumstances that she may find herself in, maintaining ahousehold ,while taking care of children.

Women if you have a spouse who is in the household and he is a good provider , woman count your Blessing ,but if you are one who do not have the help of a spouse, you are single ,divorcedbut you still have income or family members who help you are also blessed , Never lower your self esteem thinking that you are less ,you are very valuble,think of yourself as a Queen change your mind set ,from thinking that you are not wanted, or you are nobody because you are alone ,use this alone time for good also ,as we say ,this should be a time To Do You!

A time to get You together ,your health and wellbeing means a lot ,you need to stay healthy for your children,and family ,find a hobby or do something or go to Church,visit a place you haven't been or go seea friend or family membersome one you have not seen in a while, be creative you may find a way to compensate your income, try to enjoy your life. Look at the excitement in your childs or childrens eyes , like a little puppy wagging his tail when he is happy or wanting to go outsideorhis treats, when your child or children see you are happy! they are happy also.
You will haveTheHeart ofA Blessed Woman'whenyou overcome the obstacles,struggles,setbacks thattry to get in your way ,remember you have agood heart , you are a Queen ,and Blessed beyond measures.

Written by: Evangelist:Author/Teacher
Ella Weatherspoon