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It was a late night and I was very tired. I thought I would have a late night snack before I went to bed so I grabbed some powdered donuts and a cup of milk. After I had finished my snack I went to bed. Now my two children and I were staying the night at my mother’s house. Her boyfriend had come to stay with her for the weekend but my children and I had been at her house all week. I had nowhere else to go because my water at my house was turned off and I was being evicted. So to make a long story short, we had to deal with the situation.

Now there is history with this man and my mother and her children. See her boyfriend that used to be her husband had molested her youngest daughter from age four to about nine-and-a-half, and when the little girl would tell her mother she didn’t want to believe it. So after the young girl’s sister witnessed it, they told a school counselor. After he realized that he had touched the girl for the last time took a plea bargain and was convicted of child molesting.

Back to current times, I’m that little girl and now I’m twenty-three years old and I’ve been dealing with this since I was younger. So my mother never stopped dating this man and me and my bothers and sisters have dealt with this for a long time now. I went to bed and was asleep. Dream began and in my dream I was getting ready to go to college. I had had my daughter and she was six years old that was my only child in my dream. I had got a call from my daughter’s doctor asking me to come in to her office. So I had one of my big sisters take me and when we got there the doctor had these forms and we sat down and she told me that daughter had been molested more than fifty-two times and that the person was my mother. I jumped up in disbelief and went nuts. My sister and I came out of the doctor’s office and went to pick my daughter up from my mother’s house. When I got there my mother was telling my daughter to pull her pants up and my daughter was crying and throwing a tantrum as if she didn’t understand my mother was telling her to put her panties when she told her to take them off. I held my anger and got my daughter and me and my sister got in the car and headed for my dad’s house. I was on the phone with my dad and I told him that I was going to kill my mother but I didn’t want my daughter around. He asked what’s going on and I told him.

I then got in a rage and started telling my sister over and over that I was going to kill our mother. I turned to my daughter and started crying and I told her I loved her very much and she could tell me anything, that no one would ever get the chance to hurt her and if someone has hurt her to tell me and I would beat the hell out of them. She started crying and said grandma, I said, grandma what? What did she do? She said grandma touched me and it hurts and then she said she licks me down there, too.

I got frantic as we reached my father’s house and I dropped my daughter off. I got his pistol and my sister and I proceeded back to my mother’s house where her and her boyfriend were. I got out the car, kicked her down, and woke up from my dream. Can someone tell me what they think the interpretation of this dream means? What I got out of it is you have to keep a close eye on your children. You can’t just trust people because you think you know them. The closest people to you can be the ones that mean the most harm. Pay attention to your children’s actions and if your child is being sexual at a young age or acting out in a negative way you might want to investigate what’s going on around you and your child. Teach your children at a young age good touch, bad touch. I do believe at age three they should know; I was molested at age four until I was nine-and-a-half years old. Children have many ways of reaching out to you so if you feel that with your child, you are not the one your child would come to, use someone they look up to or someone that your child turns to when they feel that they can’t talk to you. We all know there’s someone that your child will turn to when they feel they can’t come to you. It can be an aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, or even a counselor at school.