Heavenly Playground

by admin

Heavenly Playground

No more finger prints on the wall, or fights with a sibling because I'm too small.
No more food fights to clean up, or making too much noise with the pup.
No more monsters under the bed, or puttting chewing gum in my head.
No more screaming behind mom in the mall, See all these thing have been left
behind, we are all playing on a heavenly playground. A place that is safe from
the evils of man a place that was constructed with a perfect hand.

Our laughter can be heard beyond the stars, No more hurt, harm or danger, not
even a scar.No more runny noses for mother to clean, no more scarying
her to death with my tiny little scream.Our smiles will forever lighten up the nights,
We are the tiny twinkling stars that shine so bight. So look up when your
memories weigh you down, we are so happy on our very own Heavenly playground.

A Tribute to the familes of the love ones that are forever Angels