Hello, It’s Me …

by admin

Hello, It’s Me …

I am a child so young and true,

I am a child sometimes sad and blue.

My name is important and my age is too.

I am a human and not just new.

I am a boy with a heart of gold,

I hope my mom will take my hand and hold.

My life has been filled with a lot of sadness

I have even seen the madness.

My Great Grandpa passed away when I was almost two,

My little brother was so new.

I really miss my Great Grandpa and look to the sky

I know he is my guardian angel way up high.

My brother’s dad hurt me when I was almost two,

He broke my leg and left me blue.

Then about a year after that he broke my wrist,

I wanted to hit him with my fist.

He broke my mom’s heart,

But she never fell apart..

When he broke my leg he cleared his name

Then when he broke my wrist he had to take the blame.

My Grandma and Pa love me so


My heart is filled with a big glow.

Pa has taught me how to sail,

Sometimes I think I can catch a whale.

Grandma loves me so much

I love to give her hugs a bunch!

We live with my grandma now and have a great big yard

Sometimes I play way to hard.

I am now in kindergarten in school

I ride my mom’s old school bus and think it’s really cool.

My Pa doesn’t live with us now.

This winter I wont be able to help him plow.

My Grandma gets up early for work before it gets bright

When I come down to see her I have to turn on the light.

My mom works real hard to take care of me

I know she is doing it for me.

I have had a crazy life with ups and downs

I’ve had smiles and even a few frowns.

I know everything will turn out just fine.

Because this life is going to be great since it’s mine.

I have a lot of people looking out for me.

I WILL be the best I can ever be …


Hello, It’s Me … Are You Listening?