Hi, I’m Mommy … I Mean, Lucy!

by admin

Hi, I’m Mommy … I Mean, Lucy!

The moment Little Ricky was placed into my arms I was instantly transformed. I was completely head over heels over this beautiful baby. I was exhausted. I was … one of those people who referred to themselves in third person!

Now when I’m with the baby, that’s not a big deal. Babies don’t understand pronouns like “I” or “you” or “he/she.” So I say, “Mommy is going to make Little Ricky’s lunch now.” Or, “Does Little Ricky want Mommy to read a book?”

Seeing it written out like that seems odd, but it really has required little thought. It’s just something I instinctively started doing after Little Ricky was born, referring to myself as Mommy.

However it may have come a little too naturally.

Recent conversations with Ricky (the husband, not the baby!) …

“Mommy’s tired. I mean, I’m tired.”

“What do you want Mommy to make for dinner? I mean, me, what do you want ME to make for dinner?”

And the worst?

“Give Mommy a kiss.”

Yikes! It’s hard to bounce back from that one.

Suddenly I understand why those couples who have been together forever and have a slew of kids just refer to each other as mother and father.

But I’d prefer to not be those people, so I’m going to try to reintroduce pronouns to my life and become me again and not just Mommy—at least where Ricky the husband is concerned.

Mommy thinks this is going to be hard!