High School Graduation Gifts For Any Budget

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High School Graduation Gifts For Any Budget

This month, as many teens will walk across the stage to get their diplomas, they will be thinking about their future. Actually, they will be thinking about the party that will be going on later that night and what kind of graduation gifts they’ll be receiving. And, you’re probably thinking, “I just spent all this money on your prom, and now I have to pull out my checkbook again!?”

Yes, kids are expensive. In fact, you can see just how much people spent this year on prom here.
Graduating high school is one of those accomplishments in life – like getting your license, turning 21, and of course, graduating college – that should be celebrated. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not sure what to get your grad. No worries, no matter what your budget looks like, listed below are a number of great gifts for your graduate.

Practical Gifts – These gifts are not quite as exciting, but everyone needs them (or most of them) when heading off to college or a new apartment.

• Laptop computer
• Printer
• Flash drive
• TI calculator
• Luggage
• Bicycle
• Toilet paper (You can get creative with this one. Put together a box filled with toiletries like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personalized laundry bag, directions on how to do laundry, etc.)
• Mini-fridge
• Microwave
• TV
• DVD player
• iPod
• Recorder (for lectures)
• School supplies
• Basic tools (hammer, screw driver, nails, screws, thumb tacks, etc.)
• Wallet (preferably with some money in it)
• First semester’s books
• Address book (already filled in with your family’s contact information)
• Bedding set
• Planner or organizer
• Umbrella
• Coffee maker
• Tea kettle
• Gas card
• Oil change lesson
• Interview suit or dress

Fun Gifts
• Camera
• Gift card assortment (Get your grad an assortment of gift cards from all of their favorite retail stores and spend the day with them shopping.)
• Candy bouquet
• Concert tickets

Sentimental Gifts
• Put together a photo album filled with memories
• Make a scrapbook
• Make a photo-book (just like a scrapbook, but easier and done online)
• Show your support for your grad’s future school with memorabilia or clothing items (sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc.)
• Make a quilt with their old high school T-shirts (Get permission from your grad to use them first!)
• Jewelry
• Stationery and stamps (for writing home)
• Decorative box for your graduate to collect special items along the way (can later be placed into a scrapbook)
• Plane or bus ticket home for school break

• Website (A personal website can be great for your graduate. He or she can use it as a place to promote their resume online. Employers usually like to see accomplishments on an impressive looking website. Your grad can also use the website as a personal blog. This way, you can still know what’s going on in your kid’s life without stalking them on Facebook. It costs between $10-50 per month to host a website, plus the domain name registration, which is about $12 a year.)
• Motivational Books (Most high school seniors aren’t quite sure what they want to do when they grow up, so a motivational or career guidance book can be very helpful.)
• Musical instrument (If your grad ever took interest in a musical instrument, he or she might enjoy having one of their own to master – or a nicer model than they already have. Plus, having a hobby (besides partying) is a good way to take a break from studying.)
• Restaurant gift cards (near campus)
• Self-defense lessons (You never know when, or if, these will come in handy, but it’s always a good idea to know how to defend yourself. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kid can defend him or herself.)

Big Ticket Items
• New cell phone
• Car
• Vacation
• Stock
• Invest in a condo (Some parents are ditching the dorm room and investing in a condo for their kid instead. This way, they will be putting money into something for four – or more – years and be able to gain some value out of it. After those years, you can sell it and enjoy the profits – hopefully.)
• Furniture
• A nice watch
• Nice sunglasses
• Pay for tuition

Now, you have plenty of gifts to choose from on any budget. Cash is always a popular gift, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try a gift from this list. Feel free to leave a comment with what you chose to get your graduate – we love new ideas!