Home Security Lessons I Learned as a New Mom

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Home Security Lessons I Learned as a New Mom

A better title would be, “What I did wrong to get locked out with a three-week-old baby.”

The Boy Scout Motto, “Be Prepared,” would have come in handy, if I had applied it as a new mom.

Three weeks after the birth of my first child, I had arranged to go into work to discuss my new work schedule and show off the new little cutie-pie. I packed a bottle, diapers, change of clothes, and put my baby in her car seat. Baby carried in one hand, and the big old diaper bag in the other, I confidently left my home, ready to conquer the world. That is, until I realized it was my cell phone in my pocket and all my keys were safely locked inside my house.

Ohhh, did my heart stop at that moment. How could I be so prepared for every possible baby eventuality, but to unprepared for life basics, like having keys?

Doubly unfortunately for me, I had not followed home security expert advice and given an extra set of keys to close family or trusted neighbors. So, I was stuck hanging out in the lobby of my condo for four hours, until my husband could come home at lunch to let me back in.

I was so defeated. I realized that I had allowed the enormity of trying to get prepared for leaving the house with a newborn baby, while looking like a presentable adult to cloud my brain function. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t remember to run the more basic checklist of “purse, cell phone, keys” before running out of the front door. 

Two Valuable Lessons I Learned While Locked Out with a Three-Week-Old Baby:
1. Home Security Experts are right. Having two sets of keys left with trusted neighbors or close family makes a lot of sense. They can let you in when you go brain-dead, and they can check on your home when you aren’t around, if necessary. Be Prepared, like the Boy Scouts, and you will not be stuck like I was.

2. Slow down. If you are running around so busy and stressed that you can’t remember your keys, you probably need to slow down and take a deep breath. Now before I leave my house I always make sure I locate my keys before I close the door. Just a quick couple seconds ensures that I’m not stranded.

Slowing down is the first important step in maintaining a mindset of security as you go about your daily life. Making small adjustments to your behavior can pay big dividends in terms of increased security for yourself and your family.