Homemade Treasures

by admin

Homemade Treasures

Father’s Day is around the corner—that holiday when we are all pressured to show our fathers and the fathers of our children how special they are. Sometimes these holidays can get a bit too commercial. In the end, it’s typically the handmade surprises that touch our hearts the most. I know when I was in kindergarten, I made my dad a clay ashtray (okay, back before that was taboo to do at school) and a picture with dried macaroni glued to its edges. When I was much older and visiting from college, I remember meeting him at his office and shocked to see my picture up on the wall and the pitifully-shaped, grey ashtray, sadly, still on his desk—along with all the other homemade treasures from my siblings.

This year, my five-year-old son is making his father a book. He’s gotten into creating stapled, folded books where he spins elaborate tales about knights, Power Rangers or other superheroes who battle the “baddies” to save the world. Who knows what adventures Dad, as the main character, will get into? Perhaps my son will have his father team up with Spider-Man against the Sandman, or better yet, have him partner with Batman against the Joker! I can’t wait to see my husband’s eyes when our son gives him this amazing book. When I asked my husband what he wanted most for Father’s day, his reply was:

1. A PlayStation 3

2. A Weber BBQ

3. Tickets to a sporting event

4. A “kitchen pass” for a night out with the boys

Something tells me, however, that my son’s Father’s Day Superhero book just might become a more prized possession than anything on his list that I may give him.

What about you? Can you recall any homemade treasures that you can’t bear to part with?