In Honor of Mother’s Day

by admin

In Honor of Mother’s Day

My boys have been taunting me about Mother’s Day. At the start of the week my oldest son said, “We can’t tell you what we’re getting you for Mother’s Day.” And he had that smile, the one that says I know something you don’t! Keeping secrets from Mom?

Last night as we all sat on the couch, I tried to guess what my Mother’s Day “surprise” was. “Is it chocolate?” I asked them. In unison, they replied, “No.” It was the same reply for clothing and flowers. Okay … one last shot. “How about jewelry?” I quizzed them. My oldest quickly replied, “Well, we’re not telling you what kind of jewelry.” Ahhh, I’m getting warmer.

I wondered if the boys thought Mother’s Day was just about gifts. So this morning on the way to school I wanted to find out what they thought Mother’s Day was about. So I asked them.

My oldest son said, “It’s a day we reward you for all the things you do for us.” I liked the sounds of that! So I pushed a bit more. “What things do I do for you?”

“You take us places,” replied my oldest.

“And you give us dessert—and snacks,” added my youngest son.

Now this may have been the tipping point, but I had to ask, “Do you think I get paid money for being a Mommy?”

Together they gave a firm, “Yes.”

I was kinda surprised, but now I really had to know what they were thinking. “Well who pays me?”

My little guy said, “Your boss.”

Oh, this is getting better by the second! “No, my boss doesn’t pay me to be a Mommy,” I explained.

They weren’t letting go. My youngest said, “Then Daddy pays you.”

As I drive I am cracking up inside. “What? Daddy pays me?”

“Yeah. Cause he says whenever he gets paid, you take most of his check.”

Well, considered me paid!

Happy Mother’s Day all!