Hope for Happiness

by admin

Hope for Happiness

I have been friends with a guy for thirteen years, not always close, but friends. He recently got a divorce and it was badly brutal on not only him but his kids. As like the other article, I will be changing names, but the story is no less true.  

Serena was going through a tough period in her life, nothing new to her. It seemed like her path was always difficult. To her what ever came about was a challenge to do better. One of her friends, Tommy, had been out of touch for a long time now and she wondered about him. Worried about his welfare and his kids. When chance landed it that she moved back home, she was surprised to find out that he was going through a divorce and that things had gone really badly. She went to him like she always had to see how he was doing and things progressed from there. They talked for several hours catching up on all the things that had been going on in their lives. She went to hug him and that’s when the talk ceased.  

He kissed her. At first she wasn’t sure how to react because they’d never been intimate. But his touch felt good to her. It had been so long since any one had wanted her. She felt as if her world was turning upside down as his touch became like fire to her. Every time he touched her felt like a blaze she couldn’t control. Serena let herself be dragged into his caress. When the foreplay began, she thought her senses were flying. She’d known men for a long time. But she’d never known one that brought her such gentle passion.  

She was tied between allowing it to happen and stopping. But it had been so long since anyone had paid her that kind of attention that her body betrayed her with his eccentric touch. Tommy left her breathless and wanting more. She allowed him to undress her and watched as he shed his own clothes. He was more than beautiful with his long slender legs. His hands were big, but gentle on her skin. She knew it would only be sex and nothing more. She knew she should stop it. When he touched her most private, heated part, she lost all sense of thought. She melted in his arms and his caresses.   

What had only been friendship turned into a heated blaze of contentment that she’d never known. She made love with him. She reveled in his moans as he did hers. Until the time come for him to bring them both to sated bliss. After going home, he showed up at her house a few days later needing to borrow her roommate’s phone. He called his ex wife. She felt like a needle had been pushed into her heart hearing him beg his ex to come home. What would she do now, thought Serena.   

A week later, his son had gotten into some trouble and she went down to his house to check on him to make sure everything was ok. She spent the day with him and his kids watching movies and talking as if nothing had happened between them. After all, people did use one another for release. Serena didn’t think it should interfere with a long time friendship. After the kids had gone to bed, she got up to leave when he trapped her against the wall and kissed her hard and long. She felt her whole world go up in flames again. She’d missed his touch as she’d missed him. She wished there was some way she could ease his pain.  

Nothing was said except for, “Serena, I need you. Please stay with me tonight. I don’t want to think about tomorrow or consequences.” She stayed and made love with him again. He kissed her goodnight afterword and held her as she slept. She woke with a feeling of contentment until she realized that this shouldn’t be happening and got up to leave. He was sleeping soundly so he never heard her walk out the front door. She seen him on and off after that, but it wasn’t anything personal. After hearing the pain in his voice begging his ex to come back she knew she should leave things alone and stay away from him.  

She was back working now and hadn’t heard anything from him. A year had gone by and she was back with her ex boyfriend as he was back with his ex wife. But her feelings for him never changed. She didn’t bother to go see him because she knew it would be too awkward for her and him as well. Her mother text her one day out of the blue and said, “some guy named Tommy wants to know if he can have your cell phone number to talk to you,” At first she couldn’t recall who Tommy was as she’d put that part of her life in the back recesses of her mind to be buried. Along with the memories of him. She’d asked her mom if she could get a last name out of the guy that was on the phone with her before giving out the cell phone number. When her mom text back that it was him, she forgot old hurts and told her to give the number to him.  

Serena held back as much of the excitement out of her voice as possible when she heard his voice on the other end of the phone. Her own relationship was falling apart, which was nothing unusual for her and her ex, and so had his. She started coming back around again and got close to his kids again and him. All of the feelings she’d worked so hard to bury were plaguing her as if they’d never left. After a few months of him not touching her and always talking about his ex, she left after loosing her temper with him. A part of her felt guilty for leaving because he had cancer. But she couldn’t take his ex staying there and not being told that he was with someone new. They’d argued. But she wouldn’t give an inch. She understood why he wouldn’t touch her, he felt badly enough. Cancer did that to a person. But it was her fighting with him to go get on chemo to help him just for his ex to come back once again and be the one to care for him because Serena had made her mind up that enough was enough, sick or not.   

A long span went by again and out of the blue he called once again. And once again she came back over to see how things were. He was cancer free, but his heart was still held by his ex. This time, she vowed not to allow herself to let her feelings override common sense. She’d be a friend and nothing more. His oldest son called her mom and that gave her a sense of pride she hadn’t felt in a long time. If his son trusted her, then why couldn’t they fins a way of trusting one another? She was suppose to take his next to youngest son out to the park, but when she entered the house, something was different about him. She’d never seen him act that way with her so she slammed the door on her way out. He yelled at her to never come back so she told him he wouldn’t have to worry about that. Serena cried for the first time in a long time. After talking to her best friend, she tried going back over to talk to him. She didn’t know what could have caused him to react to her so badly.   

After talking to his son, she found out what her best friend said was true. He was confused and didn’t know how to take her. Now, Serena vowed, it would be a cold day before she gave him any more chances, but the hurt ran deep.  

Weeks went by and he made short comments to her, mostly through his son. His son asked her to wait, that things would pass. So once again, she put her anger to the side and allowed sympathy to override any sense of pride she had. Hope filed her heart that maybe the hurt would subside in him and he’d see what he was really loosing.