How to Be a Psychic Mama

by admin

How to Be a Psychic Mama

I was born with psychic abilities, just as my mother and her mother were and going as far back as I know. It seems that some families are genetically predisposed to inherit psychic ability. However, just because you weren’t necessarily born with it, doesn’t mean you can’t develop it. If you ever had an intuition, a “gut feeling” about something, you were using your own inherent psychic ability. Here are three tips to tap into your psychic mama.

1. TRUST your intuition when you have it. If you think your child is getting into something they shouldn’t, or is in danger, or even having a moment of bliss that you’d like to share in, trust it. Intuition is like a muscle—the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Each time you listen to it and you are right, you will feel validated; and that validation will increase your confidence, and your confidence will open you up energetically to receive more intuitive hits that will decrease your likelihood of being wrong. The key to trusting the unknown is a willingness to be wrong. If you have a fear of being wrong, remember that the only way to conquer fear is with faith; and faith comes from trust.

2. LISTEN more than you speak, especially to your children. Each person vibrates at a different frequency, like radio and TV stations. Your children have their own frequencies, and when you tune your receptors to them and listen to them speak about anything they have an interest or passion in, it can awaken their heart centers and create a way for you to link up to them psychically.

When I do readings for people on subjects that I know nothing about, I simply listen to them speak about something they have a great deal of emotional investment in. I let their words wash over me like a gentle breeze, and in doing so I begin to receive psychic hits on other aspects of their life and answers to their specific questions.

Some people create so much chatter and noise in their lives that they can’t hear their own intuition even if it’s yelling at them. Be quiet and become centered. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Find a healthy balance between engaging with life and simply observing. It’s the difference between doing and being. Psychic abilities awaken when doing-ness goes to sleep.

3. CREATE a practice of energy work. This can be anything from breathing meditations, certain types of yoga, or my personal favorite—daily chakra aligning and cleansing while surrounding myself with white light and asking for guidance from my antecedents. This provides you with a conscious awareness of what types of energy you’re projecting and attracting.

Everything is energy, and usually either positive or negative. If you allow yourself or your children to be surrounded by negative energy while opening yourself up to psychic abilities, you run the dangerous risk of inviting the wrong types of energies into your lives.

Bring forth positive energy by being in your joy. For me it is music, writing, walking on the beach, etc. Try to do at least one of your joy triggers each day. This will attract positive energy and help awaken psychic ability.

Lastly, live your life with integrity, love, and gratitude, and it will be easier to reach an intuitive place and experience the psychic mama within.